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3D Printed food

Hi!I'm Tom, a researcher from the UK. I am currently working towards a PhD looking into applications ...

(0) FoodPrintTom

Anyone from New Mexico?

Hello, I am Fabiola from Albuquerque, NM and want to say hi to everyone in the forum...

(0) Fabiola

Both ends of the timeline

Good day.  I am looking to apply molecular techniques to the Paleo diet.  I got on the original Pale ...

(0) Paleo-Larry

New Members

Hi! I'm Elysia from california, I majored at Food science and technology. really interested in molec ...

(0) Elysia


Hello Chefs and Civilians: My name is Evaldo Garcia. I am 39 Y/O and I am Chef De Cuisine at Lunch ...

(0) Chef E. Garcia

hi to all the chefs

im megat danial aizat from malaysia. im new in this line. i have a question, what is the best sauce ...

(0) megatdanial

Meat binder that withstands heat

I am looking for a safe meat binder or combination of binders of gelatinous consistency that will ho ...

(0) McRosacci


Hi, Currently headchef within the military sector & have been looking to move the we produce in ...

(0) Simon Hill


Just bought the starter molecular kit - my buddy and I are cooking this weekend for our wives - it w ...

(0) biledo

Hello MGN!

My name is Huy and I've just now started to get interested in molecular gastronomy!! Just bought mys ...

(0) hnguy71

Just joined

Hello All, Name is Jordan. I just joined this site, but molecular gastronomy has fascinated me for ...

(1) enthusiast83
Mon Feb 20, 2012

Molecular Gastronomy Ingredients(Additives) And Eq ...

My Start of Molecular Gastronomy.

(1) Koustubh
Mon Feb 20, 2012

I Love the Word 'Hydrocolloid'

Is it just me, or is it just cool to start throwing around words like 'hydrocolloid' and 'Methyl-cel ...

(0) stueychef

hello out there!

my name is ian, i am chef/owner of Fourwinds Bar and Grill in garden city kansas. i am new to all of ...

(0) blingonmything

Looking forward to a running start...

My name is Kola a.k.a. Coki and as you may see via my biography- I am a very passionate cook.   I ...

(0) CokiCooks

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