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Cardamom Tea Foam

Photo by Me.

(1) Koustubh
Mon Feb 20, 2012

How and where to buy all that item,,,,,,

first I need complete Chef starter kit, and after I need only soy lechitin, Please explain to me Ho ...

(1) Andrew
Wed Feb 1, 2012

liquid soy lecithin

does liquid soy lecithin work as powder? I havent been able to get some foam with the liquid one. N ...

(1) sgonzalez
Wed Nov 9, 2011

coca cola brûlée

when experimenting with combining coca cola with some xanthan, I notice a great deal of resulting fo ...

(0) digitecca

liquid soy lecithin

I picked up some liquid soy lecithin fom l'epicerie. Anyone have a clue what the concentration is, o ...

(0) kindofabigdeal

Foams without milk

I have recently gotten into this molecular craze and have noticed that many foams require milk. I be ...

(3) opticsverity
Fri Jul 15, 2011


hey everyone. ive been thinking a lot about molecular gastronomy and recipes lately. im just curious ...

(5) natew1990
Wed Sep 14, 2011
Chef Brad

Holding time?

How long will a foam hold? Does it start to break down and disinigrate after a while?

(5) liz
Mon Mar 21, 2011

Flying foam !!!

Hey folks,   I read somewhere that it is possible to make flying foam using soy lecithin and Heliu ...

(4) FoodAddict
Fri Mar 25, 2011

Alcool air

Is it possible to make airs with 40% alcool??  I read it is, I have seen some pictures of it, I ...

(2) TheChemist
Sat Mar 12, 2011

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