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Endeavored and asserted in GMP labs. Given below are some amazing fixings in Trimgenix Garcinia body ...

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Get involved in 3D printed food research!

  Hello! I’m Tom Gayler, I’m a researcher based in the UK with Dovetailed and Lancaster Univer ...

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Priamax Male Enhancement:- What is happening with my body? Why am I not able to push in the gym? Do ...

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Mike Westerdal is the President of Critical Bench, Inc. He earned his BS from Central CT State Unive ...

(0) khalugug

Newbie questions (isi whip)

Hi everyone, I just got myself a Isi Gourmet whip. I am just a hobbyist who enjoys cooking with a s ...

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The Molecular Gastronomy technology gave us the possibility to generate an Idea on this endless fiel ...

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Survey: What do you think about Greek food?

We run an online survey about the opinion people have regarding Greek food products. Every single op ...

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What is tapioca maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is derived from the starch found in cereals (such as corn and rice), tubers (potatoes) ...


Molecular Gastronomy Supplies

Hello ladies & gentlemen, I am looking to get some molecular gastronomy supplies or a starter k ...

(2) kcrane
Mon Dec 8, 2014

Real Chocolate Martini


Popping sugar

Hello, I am interested in making popping sugar recipes. Can anybody suggest me how to make popping ...

(1) sai
Wed Apr 23, 2014

Capture that Flavour

Hello, I am looking for advise on how to best extract flavours & aromas from herbs, berries, fr ...

(0) Piers


Hi, My name is Daira and I'm actually from the museum world. I'm putting together a small display o ...

(0) dsz_

Molecular gastronomy for breakfast

I am thinking  to do the breakfast all day in my coffee shop with moleculre gastronomy. Any suggesti ...

(0) Plazzzebo


Hello there, my name is Javier Cussato; I'm a Peruvian Chef and very interested in molecular gastron ...

(1) jcussato
Mon Oct 12, 2015
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